Sunday, March 6, 2011

Admiration for Amethyst

I have been in an amethyst craze these days. I find it to be one of the most beautiful stones out there. I especially love amethyst clusters. My main issue with it has been trying to find some affordable pieces to incorporate in my jewelry. I finally found some and ordered them with glee! Then the seller informed me that she is out of them and it will take about a month to get them. It was quite a disappointment. Since I still have not received the clusters, I kept on the hunt. Now finally I found an even better deal and they are scheduled to be here Monday! I cannot wait! 
Here is some background on Amethyst- A crystal with a mysterious energy. When you see it's unusual purple color, you know it's special. Amethyst has a calming yet spiritually protective energy that makes is good for any type of dream work... lucid dream, astral projection, past life regression, prophetic dreams etc.... It can also help overcome insomnia and/ or nightmares for some people and may help the bearer awake very refreshed and energized.

I hope this will spark an interest in amethyst for any of you or further your growing addiction! 

(Those are all Marylou pieces posted at the top. Some can still be purchased. Check them out on Marylou's facebook.

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